“Do you know what my favourite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” – Mike Singl
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Golden Oldies Rugby Ethos and Rules

Golden Oldies Rugby Ethos and Rules:

The Golden Oldies Experience begins when you accept that you’re at far greater risk from what you may do to yourself and have done to you socially than anything which may happen to you on the field.

Golden Oldies Rugby Festivals are primarily the means of bringing together rugby enthusiasts, 35 years of age and over to share their common interest in rugby and have a great time. There are three main principles on which every Golden Oldies Rugby Festival is built on:

To provide players from any country an environment in which sportsmanship and camaraderie thrive. The Festivals are founded on
Fun, Friendship and Fraternity for those who have retired from serious competitive play, but wish to continue participating in their favourite sport for sheer enjoyment.
To provide an environment for participants to play against others who still prefer to play games more competitively, the opportunity to do so against like-minded teams, but still remaining dedicated to playing in a spirit of goodwill.
To provide opportunities for team members and their spouses or partners to travel, create new friendships and renew old acquaintances.
Together, these provide opportunities to highlight and promote rugby throughout the world, and to create positive reasons for enthusiasts to retain an active interest in rugby. VSL works with and is sanctioned by the governing bodies of each country a World Festival is held, whilst ensuring strong involvement with clubs, rugby development and charities in the host area.

For anyone over 35
Golden Oldies Festivals are open to men and women over 35 years of age from any part of the world. Whether you are part of an established team or you are an individual or group of mates looking to join a Festival – you are all welcome.

Referees are recruited in conjunction with the local governing body (LGB). Teams are encouraged to include referees in their group.

International Golden Oldies Rugby Referees Association (IGORRA):

We are very keen to have as many Referees as possible and becoming members of IGGORA. Please let those members of your team who may be interested know about the Association. We look forward and welcome all those interested in registering for the Association. Please see this page for more details.

Mixed Gender Rugby: Women Playing in Teams
For Golden Oldies Rugby Festivals the following shall apply for teams wishing to include female player.

Teams will be limited to 3 female players on the field at any one time during a game. Teams can have more than 3 women on their roster but no more than 3 on the field.
Women members of teams will be required to have the same age qualifications as men team members.
Women members of teams will be required to be registered as team members as required by the organisers.
Women members of teams will have the same responsibilities as to their insurance and will be required to sign the usual team waivers.
There is no formal mixed grade and the participation of women under these regulations is totally at the option of the teams concerned. The inclusion of women creates no liability on the organisers, their stakeholders or associates.
Teams will be required to advise that their team will include women players at the point of entry or as soon after as possible. The organisers must be aware of the women inclusions in a team at the time a draw is completed and only those women registered at that time will be allowed to take part in games.
Men only teams playing teams including women are not required to adjust their play and the rules and regulations of Golden Oldies Rugby will apply as usual.
No team is under any obligation to field women players if they are drawn to play teams including women.

Playing Laws
The World Rugby Laws of rugby apply to Golden Oldies, but are modified within each grade with the exception of the Presidents Grade. The Golden Oldies Laws embody and reflect the spirit of Golden Oldies Rugby. The aim of the laws and the variations is to provide the best environment in which player enjoyment is maximised and the possibility of injury is minimised. Prior to a match the team captains and the referee will remind all players of the manner in which the game is to be played and the nature of the laws to be applied.

Sportsmanship and camaraderie are imperative in all Golden Oldies matches.

Following discussion with many Golden Oldies teams and loyal supporters, New Golden Oldies playing grades. The new team grading recognise the ability, age, agility and experience of teams and players.

Grade                     Men's Laws                      Women's Laws              Shorts Laws
1) Presidents           Full World Rugby Laws Full World Rugby Laws    No Red or Gold Shorts
2) Semi-Competitive Golden Oldies Laws Golden Oldies Laws    No Red or Gold Shorts
3) Social A                    Golden Oldies Laws Golden Oldies Laws
3) Social B                    Golden Oldies Laws Golden Oldies Laws
3) Social C                    Golden Oldies Laws (Average Age over 60)               No Grade
In addition to choosing a grade, teams will be requested to provide information on their playing standard, experience, playing ethos, spread of the ages within their team and an estimate of the average age of players. This will influence the fixtures a team plays within their grade.

Presidents Grades match length – Two 30 minute halves

Non-Presidents Grades match length – Three 20 minute periods

Red shorts or Bibs
Not to be tackled to the ground or pushed off their feet.
Must be “claimed and held”.
Must pass to a player not in red or gold shorts.

Gold shorts or Bibs
Not to be tackled or touched.
May run with the ball for up to 15 metres before passing the ball.
Must pass to a player not in red or gold shorts.

Law Variations
All scrums are uncontested, except in the Presidents grade where full World Rugby Laws apply.

There are no quick lineouts.
A lineout must consist of 8 players.
There is no lifting permitted except in the Presidents grade where full World Rugby Laws apply.

A player may only kick when inside their own team’s 22 metre area except in the Presidents grade where full World Rugby Laws apply.

Tap Kicks
There are to be no quick tap kicks, but players from the offending side must quickly retire 10 metres from the mark.
Except in the Presidents grade where full World Rugby Laws apply.

Unlimited substitutions permitted at any time and a player substituted earlier may return to the game at any time.

Tackles, rucks and mauls
No cleaning out.
No vigorous counter rucking or reckless driving into tackles, rucks and mauls.
Except in the Presidents grade where full World Rugby Laws apply.

Presidents Grade matches must still be played in the true Golden Oldies spirit of safety, enjoyment and camaraderie.


1. I will play the game of Golden Oldies Rugby for the sake of THE GAME.
2. I will not remember the final score.
3. If I have “MADE IT” during my playing days I will not use that to embarrass others.
4. If I have not “MADE IT” during my playing days I will NOT use Golden Oldies Rugby to do so.
5. I will at all times respect the older and more decrepit members of BOTH teams.
6. I will follow the Golden Oldies creed of FUN...FRIENDSHIP...and...FRATERNITY!!!
7. I will be an ambassador of Golden Oldies Rugby and will always spread the good word.
8. I will never lose sight of the rule to make friends and renew acquaintances in exotic or mediocre places, whether local or abroad.
9. I will always remember that I am at far greater risk of self-inflicted, social injury than what may occur on the field of play.
10. We will settle on 9 commandments due to ailing memory.
“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.” – Jackie Joyner-Kersee
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Golden Oldies
Rugby Association
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Fun, Friendship, Fraternity and Family!
Like a number of other sports, Rugby is available for the over 35+ who wish to play – and enjoy – the Game they have loved for years … and in many cases, years and years!!

Generally, the normal Laws or Rules of the Game apply, with minor alterations… unlimited substitutions, shorter playing times, over vigorous play is discouraged and at all times, the emphasis is on – “Fun, Friendship, Fraternity and Family!”